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lets not Alanna Chuyan
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lookin up TRU PHONIC
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TURN N BURNCoastal Breed
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GOOD SEX Coastal Breed
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Record with us

We live in a day and age where Producers and studios come a dime a dozen. You can Pay thousands of dollars just to Record one song in a GIANT studio with more outboard gear than you honestly know what to do with. You can also Pay 20 dollars online to get your song mastered by an algorithm. We're not here to compete, we are here because we love what we do and will bring your music to life. Do you want to be surrounded by yes men telling you that you're great when really you could do a lot better? Music is subjective to the listener but there is a difference between experimental art, and songs that Top the chart. Whether its your first project or you 1000th, we are here to make your great sound, AMAZING!

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